Get a European residence permit and a 7 % yield per annum

€ 250 000
no minimum
7 % per annum
minimum property price
length of stay to maintain permanent residence status
net yield if the property is rented out
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The most cost-effective programme for obtaining a European residence permit
Advantages of the Greek golden visa programme
Residence permits for all family members of the applicant
Residence permits will be issued to the applicant's spouse, children under 21 years old, parents and parents-in-law.
Renewable residence permit
Residence permits can be renewed every five years if the property remains in the ownership of the applicant.
The cheapest programme in Europe
The lowest barrier of entry among countries with similar programmes, such as Latvia, Malta, Portugal and Spain.
The applicant is not required to live in Greece
Under this programme, investors can live in Greece permanently or not at all.
To qualify for a Greek residence permit, an investor must buy one or several properties for a minimum of €250,000 in total
A package of five micro apartments
282 000
  • Yield: 11.7% p.a. (€33,200)
  • Number of properties: 5
  • Total floor area: 162 m²
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A package of four apartments

307 000
  • Yield: 12.5% p.a. (€38,373)
  • Number of apartments: 4
  • Floor area: 170 m
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Four-room apartment in the city centre
263 000
  • Yield: 8.4% p. a. (€22,000)
  • Number of bedrooms: 3
  • Floor area: 152 m²
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How can one get a European residence permit under Greece's golden visa programme?
Investor's first visit to Greece
The investor chooses a property, receives an individual tax number, opens an account with a Greek bank and signs the property purchase agreement.
Investor's second visit to Greece, 1.5–2 months later
The investor applies for a residence permit and receives a certificate confirming the receipt of application documents, which allows him/her to legally remain in Greece for one year.
Investor's third visit to Greece, 1–2 months later
The investor's family members must visit Greece to have their fingerprints taken. The residence permit will be ready a few weeks after this.
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Frequently asked questions
Will I have to pay exactly €250,000 to get a Greek residence permit?
Not really. You need to consider the extra costs related to any property purchase deal, which typically amounts to 7–10% of the property value. This includes ownership transfer tax, registration tax, notary and legal fees. Costs related to the residence permit includes stamp duty (€500) and legal fees of about €1,000 per principal applicant and €500 per family member.
Does one need to visit Greece three times to purchase a property and receive a residence permit?
Some procedures require the applicant to be present: opening a bank account, filing documents and fingerprinting. It usually takes at least one month to register a real estate with a mortgage registry. As such, one short visit to Greece is too short to purchase a property and apply for a residence permit. Tranio's partners in Greece can help investors submit documents and fingerprints in one day. This way, the number of visits can be reduced to two. If the investor is prompt and efficient, the whole process will take only two to three months.
I do not want to move to Greece. What should I do with my property there?
The purchased property can be rented out. The most cost-effective scenario is to rent the property out for short terms to tourists as this brings a higher yield (5% per annum after all costs and taxes) than long-term leases. Real estate prices in Greece are lower than in most European countries and the country's tourist numbers are growing rapidly – international tourist arrivals have grown from 15 million in 2009 to 25 million in 2016.
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